The band “Smooth Sounds of SANTANA” actually got its start north of the boarder in Canada. After relocating to the States, founding member Gary Albano picked up where he left off with a new group of handpicked musicians from Southern California. The mission was simple. To faithfully recreate the music of Carlos Santana as it was originally recorded. After all, if you’re going to pay tribute to a world renowned artist, why would you want to spin the artist’s body or work?

“Smooth sounds of Santana” puts a great deal of pride and effort into coming as close as they can to not only sounding like but looking like an actual SANTANA concert event. From the tone of the guitars to the sound of the keyboard and percussion, you’ll hear that iconic Santana sound. Judging from the reaction of everyone that has seen them play live, it’s clear that they pretty much hit the mark!

At a “Smooth SoS” show you’ll hear all of Santana’s biggest hits as well as some lesser known classics that will have even the most die-hard fans reminiscing about “back in the day”. The seven seasoned musicians that make up this band give it all up on stage. Whether it’s at one of their casino shows, concerts in the park or an intimate club gig, they do their best to make sure that everyone gets taken over by the music of Santana as it fills the air.
They almost dare the crowd not to move their feet! 

Booking contact:

Gary Albano    email:    lake@musician.org                     949-767-7482